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CIGAIMPIANTI Srl  is since thirty years a company of services that works in the assembly and maintenance of plants and industrial automation, working with the biggest National firms in their construction yard in Italy and all around the world.


The company was founded in the first 80s, by the actual partners Flavio Fallarini and Claudio Sabatini, that after an experience of five years in a company that worked in the assembly and maintenance of industrial machines, they decided to start their own business, creating CIGAIMPIANTI.


Cigaimpianti woks all over the world: Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania and can entrust the professionalism of its workers.

We can offer specialised technicians like machine tool operators , assemblers , motor starters, assemblers, welders, carpenters , mechanics, plumbers , electricians, electro-mechanical , electronic, hydraulic .

We are able to realize works of construction and assembly of machines, plants and industrial automations.

Assistance in workshop and construction yards.

Technological services for plant , plant facilities on the machine, complete installation of plant. Construction and erection of piping of any material and welding.

Construction , assembly and installation of structural steel, steel and aluminum; tanks, silos , scaffolding , fixtures , transfers, replacements ; adaptation to safety standards of existing facilities.

Preventive maintenance operations , ordinary and extraordinary . Annual maintenance contracts , accident prevention and protection .



The industrial landscape , both Italian and world , has changed a lot in the recent years , and it's necessary for a company as ours to be able to meet all the demands of a market that keeps evolving .

We have succeeded in this with careful planning , focusing on training to make our workers high skilled and professional.

Training, specialization and continuous mentoring of new employees with the most experienced have enabled us to obtain a large team of workers and technicians with a very high professional level.



Cigaimpianti has always behaved in a manner transparent with its stakeholders : customers, suppliers , employees, and not least the insurance companies INPS and INAIL .

In this regard, we want to remind you that our staff is totally dependent and wedo not use external craftsmen .


We believe we can be counted among the companies ' reliable ', because in all years of activity we have always fulfilled the demands of our customers.

We always carry out their commitments , even with changes in the market or contract.

We always take care of the work of our technicians, acting immediately to fix any shortcomings.

Where we do not reach directly , our insurance answers.


We think that quality should be the strength of every company. For us is an overriding objective .

We do not presume to be qualified in accordance with certain regulations of the institution XY , but we are able to make real quality .

Every day we are approached by companies in need of our services, this means that we are on the right track and we guarantee you that we will continue to follow it with the only goal of continuous improvement.

In evidence

Third end of summer party

Third end of summer party

3rd END OF THE SUMMER PARTY After the earthquake, we took the healthy habit of celebrating the end of summer with our technicians ( CIGAIMPIANTI and ENTERPRISE )...

June 2014 : OPENED CIGAPARK in Finale Emilia

June 2014 : OPENED CIGAPARK in Finale Emilia

CIGAPARK : opening of the new outdoor space during the FIFA World Cup 2014. Behind the buildings was originally a space "green" where we set the area " relax ......

Here’s the preview of the 2015 Cigaimpianti’s calendar

Here’s the preview of the 2015 Cigaimpianti’s calendar

You can see the preview of the 2015 Cigaimpianti's calendar.

Some of our works


Via Miari, 23 - 41034 Finale Emilia (MO) - Tel. +39.053593212 - Fax. +39.053590840

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